About us

SWACS was formed in 1986, in response to a car set on fire in one of the caves which resulted in destruction of several Pictish carvings.

We have spent the past 30 years working to protect the heritage on site and bring it to public attention. We now work with our partners in the Wemyss Caves Action Group to implement a long-term management plan to protect, preserve and promote the caves

SWACS organise a programme of ten scheduled public guided tours throughout the summer together with ad-hoc tours for other groups and individuals. These tours can attract up to 100 visitors at a time and include international visitors.

We publish several books and pamphlets on the caves and other local history, give many talks to local organisations and societies and engage in outreach work in local schools.

In 2016 we organised a well-attended conference which attracted prominent national speakers and this summer are organising a community festival on the site.

Much of the work we have been engaged in recently has been towards comprehensively recording the remains at the caves whilst trying to open up the site for visitors through programme of ground improvements. Our long-term aim is to provide a dedicated visitors’ centre incorporating a museum which can serve as a centre for study of the caves. The next step towards that is making sure the archaeology on the site is protected and secure.

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SWACS Committee 2017/18

Dave Anderson (Treasurer / Secretary)

Mike Arrowsmith (Chair)

Kirsty Bain (Membership Secretary)

Nancy Carstairs (Catering Officer)

Pam Cranston (Archives and Collections)

Jo Hambly (Committee Member)

Sue Hamstead (Vice-Chair / Education Officer)

Gavin Hugh (Publicity and Media)

Ron Morris (Committee Member)

Charles Pfeil (Minutes Secretary)

Dave Reid (Committee Member)

Jim Shields (Committee Member)

David Torrance (Committee Member)

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