Guided tours from April to October

Education and tours

How we work to promote and study the history of the site.

Cave protection

Ensuring that the caves and carvings are preserved for the future and that access is safe and secure.

Landscape maintenance

It takes a lot to keep a site this size clean, tidy and safe. Learn about some of things we do to keep it that way.

Museum and local history

What goes on to organise and display our collection of documents, photos and objects telling the stories of the Caves and East Wemyss.


The ways in which we try to understand more about the Picts and other peoples who have lived here from the remains they left behind.

Wemyss Caves Action Group

The local and national partner organisations which we work alongside.

Our history

Almost 40 years of looking after the caves.

Membership and volunteering

Join SWACS or become part of our team of volunteers.

Make a donation

Help us keep protecting the caves for future generations.

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